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+GA {A Place, A Home}

We are delighted to announce that our project was awarded a funding from City of Markham under their program " Celebrate of Markham" this year (2022-2023). 

Our project will focus on promoting the art of foods, music and film. We can attract many visitors to enjoy their weekend with their families in the festival. Our target is to build up the network between the residence in Markham by sharing arts and culture. We will attract our visitors by having identical film selections and high quality performers. The contents of our festival will be widely suited in different communities, which will attract people from other city to participate. It can draw more attention to our local cultural groups and increase the economic activity.

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Background for the EVENT

Toronto HK Club believe the acceptance of different culture is our core value that we should promote. Our main goal is to introduce local small business to the residence in Markham. Support people to raise themselves out of the darkness of uncertainty. As they strengthen to achieve success, contributes to the larger community and society. 

We are planning to host a 2 days Food+Film+Art Festival named “A Place, A Home”. Our main aim is introducing local small business to the residence in Markham. This festival is focusing on foods, handcrafts, healthy products, books, films and music performance. We will have about 30 vendors, all of them are carefully selected. Music performers will play music throughout the festival. We will show some short film reels in the festival which is introducing the upcoming independent movie programs.

We believe our project can help newcomer to understand the core value of Markham is acceptance of diversity. We partner with local small business from different communities to build a strong cultural network in Markham. We also introduce them to the residence here which can help their business growth. Through our foods, crafts, films and music, we exchange our art and culture. We connect, we share and we grow together in Markham.


EVENT ​Highlight


We are always looking for media coverage and opportunities for promoting our events. Let's connect.


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